The sky’s the limit

When I was young my dad would tell me that I could be anything I wanted to be. I remember feeling totally fearless, and inspired to move forward and pursue my dreams.

However, like many, I’ve seemed to have lost that sense of fearlessness as I’ve got older. There are days when I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for not achieving certain goals. And although I still encourage myself to go for new opportunities, I have to constantly drown out that icky voice in my head telling me ‘I’m not good enough’.

Growing up in an age where we constantly compare our lives to the ones we see on social media, only fuels the act of self-limitation. And although we are starting to witness a breakdown in ‘social norms’, there is still a pressure to accomplish things by a certain age.

When telling a friend why I was too old to go back to university last year, she asked, ‘says who?’ She was right to question this, as absolutely no one had said this to me. It was just something I had fabricated to tell myself it wasn’t possible.

Fast forward a year, I’m studying a Master’s degree alongside full-time work, I’m getting good grades, and most importantly, I love doing it. Although this is just one example of how I’ve tried to hold myself back through self-limitation, I’m sure most people can relate to a similar experience.

We’re all going to suffer from self-doubt from time to time: it’s an inevitable part of life. And the only way to avoid this, is to never try for anything at all. Instead, we need to find that inner courage to go after our dreams, and remind ourselves, the sky’s the limit.

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