How I spent my birthday

Seeing as it’s only once a year, it would be rude not to stretch my birthday out as long as possible! So, in true milkin’ it fashion, I spent the long weekend celebrating turning 26. Here’s what I got up to.

Friday – Birthday Eve Eve 

16:00  – Out of office is on, and I’m heading straight to the Bullring to meet my dad for a quick coffee. His favourite spot is the Soho Cafe in Debenhams, so I meet him there for a catch up.

17:00 – After a quick cappuccino, I’m sprinting straight back to New Street to get ready for a meal with my mum and her partner – is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they are always running late?!

18:30 – I have no time to plan what to wear, so I throw on my go-to navy blazer dress from Missguided, and stick on some lashes and lippy. I’m frantically straightening my hair when the door knocks. My fiancé, Elliott, is still in his towel, so we do the whole, ‘you get the door’, ‘no you get the door’, before I rush down and crack open a bottle of prosecco.

18:55 – We chuck down a bottle of prosecco finish a glass of prosecco, and make it just in time to enjoy 241 cocktails at Ego in Kenilworth

12:00 – Despite intending on having a quiet night, we’re tottering home at midnight full of food and booze.

*Quick tip* If you have an Ego restaurant near you, be sure to join their Ego Club to receive 25% off food Monday – Friday. Whooo!

Saturday – Birthday Eve 

4:00 – Waking up with the hangover from hell, I do everything I can do try and go back to sleep. Alas, alcohol wins, and I start hoovering and cleaning the house – who said birthdays aren’t glamorous!

10:00 – After accomplishing the equivalent of the annual spring clean, Elliott takes me back to Kenilworth for brekkie at The Almanack. After chowing down eggs and avocado, I head to Nicola Smyth for a birthday blow dry. She has multiple salons across Warwickshire, and trust me, they are all amazing!! Check out some appreciation pics below.

15:00 – Blow dry done: I’m running late (again) and rushing to get ready for a meal in Birmingham. I’m wearing another blazer dress, but this time it’s nude, and it’s from Pretty Little Thing – I like to keep it fresh…

Nude Blazer Dress from Pretty Little Thing

17:00 – We arrive at the insta-famous Tattu restaurant in Birmingham, and it doesn’t disappoint. Walking in to what can only be described as influencer heaven; the place is flooded with light, and decked out in cream calacatta marble. After a Skull Candy at the bar, we’re escorted to the subterranean restaurant. The mood is now far more intimate, with low lighting and pink cherry blossoms everywhere.

As well as having picture-worthy interiors, the food is absolutely delicious. We share a few small plates to start, and then for main, I opt for a sweet and sour dish.

19:00 – Full on cocktails and Chinese cuisine, we force ourselves not to give in to the oldies we are, and head to Fumo for a nightcap. Like Tattu, it’s another boujee spot in Birmingham, with decadent cocktails and a stylistic interior.

20:00 – Despite being early, yesterday’s boozy antics have caught up with us, and we make our way home. *inserts grandma emoji*

Sunday – It’s my birthday!

7:00 – Rise and shine – it’s my birthday! Oh wait, I’ve woken up on the wrong side of twenty. *rolls over and goes back to sleep*

8:00 – Okay, I’ll get up now.

Rose gold balloons and a pile of presents wrapped in rose gold paper are waiting for me – nice coordinating Elliott! I open my cards and gifts and have been absolutely spoilt rotten. Feeling extremely loved and grateful, I hop back into bed with a cuppa.

10:00 – More food? You guessed it. We head to The Barn at Berryfields for a rustic brekkie with my dad and his partner.

Birthday breakfast at The Barn at Berryfields in Meriden

13:00 – Back home, I’m visited by various family and friends throughout the day. Elliott’s bought me a HUGE chocolate fudge cake from Costco, so I’m doing my best to try and force cake on everyone.

16:00 – Everyone has now left, and I’m sat on the sofa enjoying more cake. For those of you who are familiar with the film Matilda, I’m channelling my inner Bruce Bogtrotter right now.

21:00 – Full of cake, I clamber my way back to bed – 26 is hard work. To my joy, and to Elliott’s dismay, Mamma Mia is on the TV, so I end my birthday doing what I do best – singing Abba at the top of my lungs!!

You can danceee, you can jiveee, having the time of your lifeee, ooooooh, see that girlll, watch that sceneee, dig in the dancing queennnnnnnnnnnnnn.

S x

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