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Since returning to the land of blogging, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is – ‘do you not feel embarrassed taking photos in public?’ In short, yes and no!

When I ran a fashion blog years ago, like many, sharing my outfits consisted of stepping into my back garden, and pleading with my parents to help take some photos (thanks dad!). I’d then rush back in the house, upload these straight to WordPress, and write about why I had chosen this look. But with many bloggers now using only image-based platforms to share their love of fashion, the world of blogging has become far more creative.

Of course there are bloggers/influencers who can capture amazing shots from the comfort of their bedrooms. But my aspiration to create a more ‘candid’ street style look, has meant it’s time to venture outside the back garden. So with this in mind, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to get comfortable when it comes to taking photos in public.

Plan in advance

When choosing my outfits, I always have a rough vision for the shot. Whether it’s edgy street style, or city chic, there’s normally always a method to my madness. This means that when I’m out shooting, my focus is always on an end goal, and not on what’s happening around me.

Accept the odd looks

It goes without saying, but if you feel like you’re in danger, or someone is taking an usual amount of interest in what you are doing, move on to somewhere else. However, when I’m on a shoot, I’ve accepted I’m going to get odd looks and the occasional laugh. People can be nosy (and rude) but I’m not there to justify myself, so why should I feel like I have to?

Have fun!

I started writing a blog because I enjoy it, so when I’m shooting in public, I should be able to enjoy that part of the process too! I have a good laugh with my photographer, and although we have a list of shots to get done, we also treat it as an afternoon to hang out and have fun! There’s nothing I love more than being creative, and I feel like your passion and personality can really come out in your photos. So I try to find humour in every setback (like getting pooed on by a bird, or getting locked in a toilet) and try not to take myself too seriously!

If you have any thoughts, or advice when it comes to shooting in public, please let me know.

S x

Outfit details

Suit Jacket – Quiz Clothing

Shorts – Quiz Clothing

Embellished Headband – New Look

Clear Block Heels – Pretty Little Thing

Grab Bag – Pretty Little Thing

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