Shaking off negativity

It’s no secret that I’ve battled with self-doubt since returning to the world of blogging. I’ve often spoken about feelings of self-consciousness and the vulnerability that comes with ‘putting yourself out there’.

It’s fair to say these feelings were more than tested the other day, when I was made aware that someone I know (not a friend!) had been ridiculing my blog and Instagram posts. I immediately had that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, and felt completely shocked and confused as to why they would do this. After mulling it over, it soon dawned on me that this won’t have been the first time this has happened, and unfortunately it won’t be the last.

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No matter what we do in life, people will have their opinions. Whether it’s how you dress, how you raise your children or even your career – there will always be those who make your business, their business. So in a world full of critics, how can we find our inner T-Swift and learn to shake it off?!

Change your perspective

Words hurt, we all know that, but is one negative comment going to ruin your life? The reality is no! And no matter how frustrated you may feel at that moment, it’s likely that after a good night’s sleep, it really won’t bother you as much the next day. So instead of letting these small inconveniences ruin your mood, take a moment to reflect on whether they’re really worth stealing your happiness.

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Focus on the good

Your family, your friends, your health, your achievements – these are all things you should celebrate every day. Give these your time and energy; not the negativity. I’m a huge believer of The Secret, and truly believe you attract what you think about. So no matter how hard it may seem, always focus on the good.

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Choose your response

Rather than a direct response to the individual, I’m talking about an emotional response. We all know how easy it is to act irrationally, and fly off the handle the split second something goes against our values. But getting worked up, and fuelling this negativity is not only harmful to you, but to those around you. Instead, remember that you ARE in control of your emotions and YOU decide what can and can’t hurt you.

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I love hearing from you, so if you’ve had a similar experience, or if you have your own tips on how to respond to negativity – just drop them in the comment box below!

S x

SHEIN Keyhole Back Layered Ruffle Mesh Overlay Dress

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Ruffle Mesh Overlay Dress – Shein

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