The Wedding Diaries: Have I hit a brick wall?!

I’m officially six months into wedding planning, and after having a breezy start and wondering what all the fuss was about, I think I may have hit a brick wall.

Before I get into my dilemma, I just wanted to run through all the things I have been fortunate enough to sort so far *touch wood*.

  • Venue
  • Church
  • Wedding Insurance
  • Music
  • Photographer
  • Cake
  • Dress
  • Hair/make up
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However, I think my lucky streak is about to run out when it comes to one of the most important things (to me) – the flowers.

Despite meeting with an amazing florist, who showed us some of the most beautiful designs, the cost was just WAY over our budget. And without sharing too much, I’m talking in the thousands.

Of course, I would love my venue to be dripping in florals, showcasing some show-stopping centre pieces, but wiping out nearly a quarter of our budget on floristy just isn’t going to happen.

So instead of admitting defeat, I have contacted several other florists. But at this moment in time, not one has got back to me. I know we are in peak season, so of course email response rates will be delayed, but it’s now been over a month and I’m starting to get a bit twitchy to say the least!

A few people have suggested fake flowers – what’s the point in spending a fortune when they are going to die?! And whilst I completely understand this, I just have my heart set on something au naturel.

Birmingham blogger

The good news is, there’s still plenty of time, as I’m not getting married until September 2020. But in the world of weddings, it’s frightening how quickly things get booked up, with many suppliers boasting 2-3 year wait lists!

I’m also determined to be super organised, as blogging, working full-time and studying a Masters degree is pretty damn time consuming! (I love it all really!) And whilst I don’t want to throw a pity party, keeping all of the plates spinning and maintaining a tight schedule seems to be the only thing keeping me (in)sane.

On the bright side, I have sorted a lot so far, and some things are going to be out of my control. However, if anyone else is starting to get the wedding woes, I found it really useful to do a quick sanity check of where you should be with around 12 months to go.

Wedding site Hitched offers a great personalised digital checklist, and Confetti also offers a comprehensive list that you can download and print.

Sending the best of luck to my fellow brides-to-be.

Outfit details

Floral Frill Dress – Nasty Gal

White Ankle Boots – Pretty Little Thing

Yellow Mini Bag – Topshop

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