Investing in designer staples

Before I started blogging again, I wrote down three values that were most important to me – self-love, authenticity and creativity. I chose these because in a world of validation (especially online) we can sometimes lose ourselves and forget the reason we started blogging.

When it comes to styling and fashion choices, it sometimes feels like we need to be dripping in designer gear to be classed as ‘attractive’ or ‘aspirational’. And this can cause extreme pressure on young people (and their parents) to spend money they simply don’t have.

Now don’t get me wrong, if I had an unlimited budget, of course I would splash out on more lavish luxuries. And this isn’t because of the brands; the craftsmanship and sophistication that goes into creating some of these designer pieces is literally stunning! (Sophia Webster shoes and Saint Laurent bags anyone?!).

However, for now, I make a conscious effort to encourage more affordable styling on my blog – and who knows this may change. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t have an appreciation for designer pieces.

My Gucci scarf and belt get more wear out of any of my accessories, and I don’t regret buying them one bit. For me, they are staple pieces that go with everything and their classic style means they will never go out of fashion.

I picked the scarf up for half price at Bicester Village last year, and the belt was purchased in duty free at London Heathrow. If you were looking to treat yourself to some designer goodies, I would highly recommend buying them this way.

I admit, I actually felt nervous photographing these pieces, as I would never want to feed into this ‘designer culture’. But with any purchase, if you can afford it and style it – then it’s worth the investment. And most importantly, if it’s what you want to wear, then wear it!

S x

Outfit details

Gucci Wool Jacquard Scarf

Gucci Leather Belt

Showpo Beige Cardigan *gifted*

Zara Black Bodysuit

Black Knee High Boots – ASOS

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