Everything you need to know about microblading

Believe it or not, when I was younger, I actually had brows that could have given Cara Delevinge a run for her money. However, years of over plucking and pulling at my brows left them thin and uneven.

I’d thought about getting them microbladed for a while, but feared the unnatural tattooed effect. However, after LOTS of research, I decided to book in with Zara at The White House Clinic.

How it works

After an initial chat to discuss your desired look, your brows will be measured and drawn on to show the new shape. Once you’re happy, the technician will get started on your new brows.

The procedure uses a ‘blade’; however, it’s not actually a blade that is being used. It’s an instrument containing lots of little pins that glide across the skin’s surface. The pins push a fine line into the skin which follow the natural pattern of your brow.

This is a superficial process, meaning it’s all above the skin. You shouldn’t bleed during the procedure, if you do, it means the technician is going too deep which can leave scars.

Zara carefully measures the brows and goes through the shape with you before the treatment begins.

This process is normally done twice depending on your brows. Once the blade work has been done, (anaesthetic is applied too) it’s time to apply the shade. This is done using a fine needle which moves really quickly to tease the pigment into the skin.

For me, none of the process was particularly painful, it just felt like a continuous annoying scratch! However, I would be lying if I said I could put up with this feeling for a long time.

My brows were red to start with; however, this had completely gone down the next day. Your technician will provide you with aftercare instructions and a cream to prevent scabs. It’s also very important that you keep your brows clean and dry for at least one week after.

The colour fades to look more natural and the redness goes down after a few hours.

You will normally wait around 4-6 weeks for a top-up appointment, and voila – you should be left with fuller, natural looking brows! I was so pleased with my final results, and couldn’t recommend Zara enough.

Finding a technician

If you’re looking to get your brows done, be sure to do your research and check that your technician is fully certified. Microblading can cost anything between £200 – £600 – just remember not to let a low price be your deciding factor. This is a relatively save procedure, but as mentioned, if it is not done properly you could be dealing with an infection or scarring. You should always be invited for a patch test before your treatment.

Treatment – Microblading at The White House Clinic.

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