Tried and tested: Smudge-proof mascara

All I want in life is a volumising, lengthening and smudge-proof mascara – is that too much to ask for? Well, it appears so, as my inbox was filled with tales of similar struggles when asking this question on my Instagram.

So in true blogger fashion, I took one for the team and I’ve spent the last six months trying A LOT of mascaras. Whilst it still seems the holy grail does not exist, I have some favourable recommendations, along with mascaras that I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole!

 L’Oréal Paradise

At £11.99, this mascara is priced at the more reasonable end of the scale but in this instance, I would not recommend the lower price as a deciding factor. I found this mascara clumpy, difficult to apply and halfway down my face by the end of the day.

Rating: 4/10

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

At £28, I’m expecting something special. Yes the packaging looks sleek and it’s a desirable brand – but I can’t say the same about the quality of this product. The fine brush is good at coating the lashes, but it’s also good at coating my face! Yes you can expect some added volume, but it does little for length and is certainly not long-lasting.

Rating: 5/10

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Volume 2

As a huge Charlotte Tilbury fan, I was expecting to love this product – unfortunately this wasn’t the case. Out of all the mascaras, this has to be the worst when it comes to smudging. Yes it gave a nice fan-shape for my lashes and it did create some length. However, I was left feeling so embarrassed at work when I eventually popped to the toilets to see mascara everywhere!! I wasn’t crying before but I certainly wanted to after.

Rating: 3/10

Benefit They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara

As a two-time winner of The Best Mascara award I had to give this a go. Firstly, this really does add great length and volume, and I particularly liked the ‘spikey ball’ at the end of the brush to help lift the lashes. It lasts well and didn’t smudge under the eyes; however, I did have to wipe under my brows a few times throughout the day. This could be a result of the extra length.

Rating: 7/10

BADgal BANG! volumising mascara

It’s currently voted as the number one selling Prestige Mascara Product in the UK, so I was expecting good things. And can you believe it – it DID NOT disappoint!! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to like this product, mainly because it uses a comb and I’ve always preferred a round brush for mascaras. I thought a comb would be less volumnising, but this wasn’t the case. Using a zig-zag motion to cover the lashes, they were left fully coated, lengthened and considerably volumised. After a two hour mirror check up, there was no smudge – say what?! And infact, there was no smudge throughout the whole day. However, the ultimate deciding factor as to why this is currently my favourite mascara is when Elliott turned to me and said – ‘have you got false eyelashes on, they look amazing’. I kid you not, HE NOTICED MY LASHES! That’s definitely worth £22.50 if you ask me…

Rating: 9/10

S x

PS. And yes, you guessed it, I’m wearing the BadGal Bang! mascara in all of these shots, which were taken as part of a Valentines shoot.

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