The skincare product you’ve been missing

So you’ve finally started to invest in your skincare routine and you’re feeling pretty smug with all your fancy serums and acids sitting proudly in the bathroom cabinet. But is your skin really getting everything it needs?!

We all know SPF is a must on our summer holidays; however, not everyone (including me) understands its importance in your daily skincare routine.

It’s easy to think about UV protection on sunny days, but did you know that even on cloudy days up to 80% of harmful UV rays can penetrate your skin. And it’s not just about wearing SPF rain or shine, even everyday technology such as mobiles and laptops, can give off light damage.

After suffering with redness and sensitive skin my whole life, I am especially prone to sun damage, and I can’t believe I hadn’t been using SPF on a daily basis until now. And whilst I can’t exactly turn back the clock, I’m proactively doing all I can to prevent further damage.

Choosing the right protection

Before I show you what I’m currently using, I wanted to share some research on how to choose the best daily SPF.

Firstly, there isn’t just one type of suncream. There are actually two types: chemical and physical. Physical suncreams create a barrier on the skin that filter out UV rays, while chemical suncreams absorb and scatter the sun’s UV rays. If you have sensitive skin like me, you’re best to opt for a physical SPF. However, physical suncream is often heavier and thicker on the skin than a chemical sunscreen with the same SPF. Therefore, physical suncream might not be the best choice for oily or acne-prone skin.

Secondly, it can be difficult to know what factor to go for on a daily basis. My best advice is to assess your skin tone as this plays an important part in choosing a suncream that’s going to be effective. If you have fair skin and hair, light-coloured eyes, freckles and moles then you should use a minimum factor of 30 or 50. Pigmented skin types – those which rarely burn and tan easily – are relatively more protected than fair skin types so a sunscreen with SPF 15-30 is likely to be sufficient. However, if you’re still not sure, SPF 30 should suit most skin types.

My go-to product

So what’s been my go-to product for daily SPF I hear you ask? Let me introduce you to Dermalogica’s Invisible Physical Defense SPF30. I’ve been applying this feather-light formula after my moisturiser and I particularly like how quickly it absorbs into the skin. Just a pea-sized amount is enough for daily application and it sits seamlessly under my foundation.

It contains SPF 30 and is designed for use all-year-round. It also boasts a bio-active Mushroom Complex which calms and soothes the skin and works to improve the appearance of UV-induced irritation and redness. It also contains Green Tea, which we know is rich in antioxidants, and is great for protecting against environmental aggressors – especially if you suffer from rosacea like me.

I hope you found this useful, and whatever you do, please make sure you invest in daily SPF protection!

S x

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3 thoughts on “The skincare product you’ve been missing

  1. Only a few months ago I watched an interview on YouTube with Shakira and in that vid she said that her no.1 beauty tip was SPF and that she uses the highest factor possible. That very day I went to buy some and got factor 50 although I am considering going even higher as I am so pale. I do love the Dermaloica range, so if they go 50+ I will sure to try them out once I run out of my current SPF. Thanks for the info! Dharma

    1. Yes it’s so important to protect your skin everyday. And Shakira always looks amazing so I’ll deff follow her advice! Thank you for reading! X

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