Why I’m embracing slow fashion

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We all know how good it can feel to buy something new. Whether you’re after a ‘pick-me-up’, an indulgent treat or if you’re finally cashing out that savings pot – there’s a reason they call it retail therapy.

From a fashion perspective, expressing yourself through the clothes you wear can feel highly liberating. However, when reflecting on the way I’d been buying clothes, I realised it wasn’t actually liberating at all. I was in a constant cycle trying to keep up with new trends and go-to products. And the truth is – it’s exhausting! I realised it was time to step off the hamster wheel and learn to embrace the notion of slow fashion.

Slowing down is a power move.

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It’s no secret that I’m quite fickle with my dress sense. Some days I feel like overloading with colour and texture, and other days I’m sporting simplicity through monochrome. And whilst I think it’s great to embrace multiple looks, what I have been working on is stopping those knee-jerk purchases when trying to follow what’s ‘on trend’. Just because a certain garment is blasted all over social media, it doesn’t mean I have to have it. Or when a brand releases their next big celeb collaboration – it’s not an excuse to wack out the card and get the whole collection!

Fast-fashion is so addictive because there is a constant pressure that time is running out. Think how many countdowns are blasted all over social media ahead of a new collection launch. Or the next time you’re curiously browsing online, count the amount of pop-ups telling you that ’10 other people just added this to their baskets’. These subliminal messages just encourage a society that’s in a constant rush to spend in fear of missing out.

Fast-fashion is like fast food. After the sugar rush. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


The more I’m starting to understand this, the more I want to step away from fast-fashion. I don’t want any brand or person to make me feel like my time (or my money!) is in their hands. Purchasing clothes should be enjoyable, not a frantic rush because it’s currently on-trend or it’s going to sell out. The reality is, pieces are often restocked and brought back out again. There’s really no limit or time restriction at all.

Opposing the constant churn of new trends is the concept of slow fashion. And whilst this is often regarded as focussing on quality over quantity, I really see slow fashion as a way of regaining control when it comes to shopping. There will always be a similar bag, a new ‘hot’ designer, and a different website to shop. But by slowing down and recognising this, I’m starting to feel less pressure when it comes to my styling and purchases.

To be transparent, I’m not polishing my halo quite yet! I am still someone who shops regularly. However, it honestly feels so good to slow down. Not just in my purchasing habits, but with my tendency to follow trends and give in to pressurised marketing tactics. I’ve already found myself questioning items I thought I’d needed, and I’m now more inclined to put money aside and save for those more timeless pieces.

I’m always really interested to hear from you, so if you have any thoughts on what slow fashion means to you, please comment them below.

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